Our Story

Katrux began life back in the United Kingdom where founder Jon Scales fruitlessly searched for a strong, stable and stylish cat tree for his energetic Maine Coon called Beavis.

The market in this area clearly lacked choice and development began on Katrux to create our stunning range of cat furniture that ensures maximum practicality and fun for your fussy feline, whilst also being incredibly stylish and eye-catching for their owners as well.

Katrux cat trees have the largest sisal scratching poles available in the USA with some of our models achieving a diameter of up to 20cm, making for an incredibly satisfying scratching experience for your cat.

Furthermore, due to the size of our scratching poles, they are incredibly strong and will never be moved, no matter how large your feline / felines are.

Our cat trees are made from the highest quality materials and we offer a 1 year warranty with all our cat trees.

Not only this, but replacement parts can be ordered separately, so you can be assured that a Katrux cat tree will last a lifetime.