Promote Us

Are you interested in earning money for promoting our products!?

Well, by joining the Katrux squad as one of our promoters, you can earn £££ in return for simply spreading the word about us and providing a nice little discount to your network in the process.

So, how does it work?

Once you have been accepted as one of our Katrux promoters, we will send you your very own unique promotional code which your network can use to receive 5% off our cat trees.

Not only that. But, you will also receive a nice commission on the sale as well (explained below) every time that your discount code is used on our website!

What can you earn?

There is absolutely no limit as to the amount of commissions that you can earn here at Katrux and all of those juicy commissions can be used on our website to claim free products for yourself if you wish as well.

How can I promote Katrux?

There are many ways that you can promote us. Most of our promoters like to share their discount code via social media and to friends and family.

Social networks such as Facebook have 1000’s of groups and forums where you can post links to your favourite products alongside your discount code. Instagram is also incredibly popular with our promoters due to the visual appeal many of our cat trees have!

So what can you earn?

We use the following commission structure for all our promoters. The following commissions are on a monthly basis and payments are made on the 1st of every month via Paypal / bank transfer.
0-1 products sold =  We do not offer commissions on your first sale. This is to prevent abuse of our promotional scheme.
2-20 products sold per month = 5% commission on all sales
20-50 products sold per month= 10%  commission on all sales
50 – 100 products sold per month = 15% commission on all sales
100+ products sold per month = 20% commission on all sales
If you are interested in becoming a promoter then contact us today by sending us some information about yourself and request your special discount code! Email for more information.